Monday, 28 March 2011

MAN has died after he was shot by bandits in an attack on a Sydney tattoo parlour owned by a Bandidos bikie gang member.

MAN has died after he was shot by bandits in an attack on a Sydney tattoo parlour owned by a Bandidos bikie gang member.

The tattooist, 40, at Pretty In Ink in West Ryde, was shot in the shoulder just after 9pm on Saturday and died from his injuries in Royal North Shore Hospital.

Police said the unnamed man was shot by one of two men who used an entrance off the back lane of the Victoria Road parlour to catch their victim unawares. The men, who wore disguises, escaped before police arrived.

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The parlour is owned by Adam Lincoln, a member of the Sydney chapter of the Bandidos, and his partner Kathleen Purdie.

The couple, from Spencer, on the Hawkesbury River, have owned the parlour since 2005.

The shooting is the latest in a series of attacks on tattoo parlours in and around Sydney.

At 2.30am on Friday the Tattoo World shop in Baulkham Hills was shot at by two men travelling in a hatchback car. Police would not say if the shooting at Baulkham Hills was linked to Saturday's shooting.

Two months ago a BMW laden with a petrol bomb was driven into the Tattoo Assylum studio in Mount Druitt, which is associated with a Comanchero master sergeant-at-arms, Ian ''Clisso'' Clissold. The attack is believed to have been carried out by members of the Notorious gang.

In December, a tattoo parlour owned by senior Comanchero Mark Buddle and the national president of the Comanchero club, Duax ''Dax'' Ngakuru, was gutted in an arson attack a day after a fire-bombing at a tattoo shop in Coogee.

In October, bullets were sprayed at the Naked Gun 2 Tattoo Parlour in South Windsor, and Comanchero and Notorious gang members clashed outside a Bondi tattoo parlour. In May, 13 shots were fired into the Naked Gun 3 Tattoo parlour in Wellington.

In an unrelated development, up to six Hells Angels members have left the club. The group includes Derek Wainohu, one of the longest serving members, and Peter Zervas, the brother of Anthony Zervas, who was bludgeoned to death inside Sydney Airport in March 2009.

Mr Wainohu was member of the Sydney charter, one of first Hells Angels chapters in Australia, formed in 1975. It is understood the group left because they did not like the direction in which the club was headed.


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