Saturday, 16 July 2011

THE best friend of missing former Gypsy Jokers president Steve Williams will spend at least another 14 months in jail for blackmailing a man over a $100,000 debt.

Jason Lee Kingston, 34, protected a fellow inmate in jail for $30,000 but later threatened to kill him when he did not pay upon his release.

In the District Court today, Judge Dean Clayton said the victim received a threatening phone call from Kingston in August 2008 asking him to meet at a car yard.

When the victim and his brother arrived they were greeted by Kingston and his co-accused, Travis Lemm, 31, who increased the debt to $100,000.

"The threat was made by Travis Lemm in the presence of Jason Kingston that unless the sum of $100,000 was paid, Travis Lemm would shoot (the victim) and his brother dead," Judge Clayton said.

"The conversation went like this: `I'm Travis from the Finks. You have to pay $100,000. If you don't, I'll shoot you in the head and then I'll shoot you, that's how we work."

Lemm said he would give the brothers two days to tell him how they would get the money and one week to produce it.

"When one of them (the victim or his brother) said `that's a lot of money', Travis Lemm said `f... it, make it $150,000."

Kingston and Lemm each pleaded guilty to one count of blackmail.

Lemm also pleaded guilty to trafficking in a controlled drug, possessing a firearm without a licence and possession of a controlled drug - offences that came to light upon his arrest on the blackmail charge.

Judge Clayton said the conduct of both men was at the higher end.

"Nothing can justify the threats that were made," he said.

He jailed Kingston for two years, three months and 16 days with a non-parole period of 14 months.

Lemm was jailed for six years, four months and two weeks with a non-parole period of three-years and three-months, cumulative of his additional charges.

Lemm is also disqualified from holding or obtaining a firearm until further court order.


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