Sunday, 10 October 2010


Estimate members: 80-100
Territory: Three chapters in Sydney.
Violence: In 1983, the Comancheros called a meeting with the Loners motorcycle club to call a truce. Instead, the Loners were met by two carloads of Comancheros and beaten and forced to surrender their club emblems.
- In 1984, the Comancheros and Bandidos were involved in the Milperra massacre, a bloody shoot-out on Father’s Day which left seven people dead, including two Bandidos and an innocent 14-year-old girl.
- In March 2009, it was reported that the Comancheros were responsible for bashing the brother of a Hells Angels member to death with a metal bollard at Sydney airport. Four men have been charged over the brawl.
Deaths: In 1999, the tortured body of Commanchero Peter Ledger was dumped at his estranged wife’s Sydney home. Comanchero ‘Sergeant-at-Arms’ Ian Raymond Clissold was jailed for manslaughter over Ledger’s death
- A total of four Comancheros died during the Milperra massacre.


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