Sunday, 10 October 2010


(bikies without bikes, who are known to wear T-shirts and Nike shoes )
Estimated members: approximately 24-30. Made up of mostly Pacific Islanders and Middle Eastern men from Sydney’s West. Members are senior former members of the now-defunct Nomads Parramatta chapter.
Violence: In March of this year, a solicitor who had represented members of Notorious had a gun held to her head in bed, while intruders ransacked her house.
-Last week, it was alleged that jailed Notorious members punched on with a jailed Bandito in Sydney’s Parklea prison.
Deaths: In 2008, Todd O'Connor, a former Nomads bikie who was said to have been a founding member of the Notorious gang, was shot dead in a Sydney back street. Another ex-Nomads bikie who switched allegiance to Notorious was the victim of a car bombing in Sydney’s North Shore.


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