Sunday, 10 October 2010

Gypsy Jokers

Estimated members: 120-150*
Territory: Chapters in WA, Vic, SA and NSW.
Violence: In 1994, 15-20 Jokers severely bashed an Adelaide publican and waiter. Minh Van Pham was beaten unconscious and permanent injuries included intellectual impairment and memory loss.
- In 1984, Jokers waged a two-year war with the Comancheros.
- WA's former chief detective Don Hancock and his mate were blown up by a car bomb in 2001, with one Gypsy Joker admitting that he planted the bomb.
Death: In 2000, Gypsy Joker Billy Grierson was shot by a sniper in Kalgoorlie and there were allegations that Don Hancock was the shooter.


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