Friday, 1 July 2011

Shooting at John Ibrahim's eastern suburbs mansion

Detectives and crime scene police have converged on the eastern suburbs manison of Sydney nightclub identity John Ibrahim after reports it had been targeted by gunmen in a drive-by shooting today.

Organised crime squad police have confirmed that a number of bullet cartridges have been found on the road outside the house in George Street, Dover Heights.

Officers from Rose Bay police have sealed off the scene while detectives interview two people inside the home, one of several in the street purchased by Mr Ibrahim and have yet to establish the exact time of the shooting.

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Police said in a brief statement that the first report received of an incident in the street was about 11.30am today. They would not confirm if Mr Ibrahim was one of the people inside the premises.

The discovery of the spent rounds comes after the overnight drive-by shooting on a house next door to the Merryland home of the mother of the Mr Ibrahim and his brothers.

Police are investigating whether the shooting at the intersection of Holdsworth and Price Streets, Merrylands, about 8.30pm last night was intended to target members of the notorious family.

A 42-year-old woman and her seven-year-old son were inside the house at the time, but were not injured.

"The obvious concern is the proximity of this property to ... an Ibrahim home," Superintendent Brett McFadden said.

He said the occupants knew who their neighbours were but are not known to police.

Police are investigating the possibility that the home is owned by the Ibrahim family and may have been rented out to the unsuspecting occupants.

The mother and son are "very distressed," Superintendent McFadden said.

In January, Hassan "Sam" Ibrahim was shot twice in the legs at close range outside his mother Wahiba's house in Price Street.

Residents have expressed concern over the number of dangerous shooting incidents in the street.

"I'm satisfied we are putting [in] the right resources," Superintendent McFadden said.

He said the Ibrahim family has refused to cooperate with enquiries over the shooting.

Sam is the eldest of four brothers, who include night club entrepreneur John, shooting victim Fadi, and Michael, who has been convicted of manslaughter.



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