Saturday, 3 March 2012

No corpse on Hells Angels site


The Amsterdam police announced on Friday that an intensive search of the former Hells Angels clubhouse was launched after receiving a tip that a body had been buried there. No human remains were found at the site, but police did discover the cadavers of 12 dogs and one cat. On Wednesday, the site on H.J.E. Wenckebachweg was closed off with black screens. Police officers and personnel from the Netherlands Forensic Institute used heavy machinery to dig up and search the site. The police refused to say what they were looking for until today. The clubhouse of the Amsterdam chapter of the Hells Angels was torn down a month ago after being home to the motorcycle club for more than 40 years. The city council wants to redevelop the area and forced the Hells Angels to leave via an expropriation procedure. The Angels were awarded 400,000 euros in damages, but have been unable to find a new home. Most local councils in the greater Amsterdam area are wary of offering the Angels a new home as they are generally considered to be a criminal organisation.


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