Sunday, 16 October 2011

A CAR has smashed into a Tattoo parlour, then burst into flames in Sydney's south west this morning.

Firies at tattoo parlour

A vehicle exploded after smashing through the front of a Yagoona Tattoo Parlour. Picture: Bill Hearne The Daily Telegraph

It seems the vehicle was deliberately driven straight into Tattoolicious on the Hume Highway, Yagoona causing a major fire inside the shop.

The driver of the car was no longer at the scene when fire service arrived to extinguish the blaze.

Angus Zhao, 22, from Blacktown was on his way home with a friend at around 2.30am when he noticed the burning shop and stopped his car.

"My friend and I saw the whole shop on fire," he said. "It was a pretty intense fire, the flames were up to the roof."

"The whole place looked like it had been burning for a while, but it (the fire) was still really strong."


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